Vertical Search Solution for Enterprise

High revelancy search results for your data
If you are a business that wants to implement a reliable search solution for your  intranet or for your website, then you have come to the right place!

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  • High scalability and availability
  • Hosted by us on reliable server cluster
  • High relevancy search results
  • Totally customisable for better user experience
  • Social features in search
  • Better user experience and engagement
Turtle is a completely customisable and scalable vertical search solution, provides your organization with high relevancy search results, an ability to drill down and refine the results empowering the user to easily find what they are looking for

Turtle, as a vertical search solution for your e-commerce sites empowers users to drilldown and refine results to find the product they are looking for.

An ability to boost and promote products also ensures that the businesses can promote products that are relevant to the searches.

SEO friendly urls and incorporated social features taking advantage of social media, admin reports helping you to understand and analyse the market and search trends all have a direct positive impact on the return on investment.

When used a site search solution, Turtle enhances the user engagement and experience. The filtered search helps the users to easily find the content that they are seaerching for, hence increasing the page views and unique users.

Turtle, can be used for intranet search, indexing and ranking documents across multiple data sources. Data security is of top priority. Turtle enables the administrators to add exclusion rules to secure documents so that they dont appear in search results.

The interface can be designed with filters for better user experience. The search result pages can be bookmark-able so that the users bookmark the results page that they often search for.